We are honest

Our style is Dutch. We approach one another and our clients with an open mind and we provide and appreciate honest feedback. We are not blind for politics within organizations as these can really determine the success of a project, but we do not have more than one agenda. We treat our people fairly as we believe happy and loyal people work better.

We invest in quality people

Quality is key for our business. We believe knowledgeable, skillful and experienced people who are happy and loyal are best equipped to deliver quality performances. If we cannot provide our clients the quality people they expect from us, we will be honest to the client and help them find qualified people from somewhere else.

We are delivery-focused

Knowing what it takes to get the job done is a good starting point, but the devil is in the detail and finishing the job is usually more complex than expected. HK&P people not only know exactly what they are doing, they always keep their focus on the delivery, getting the job done together with the client is an essential part of our service offering.

We are content-driven

In order to be able to deliver quality work as is expected from our people, they need to know exactly what they are doing. That is why we are very keen on knowledge and skills, driven by content. Not only do we select people with experience and skills, we also train and coach our people to keep investing in themselves, gathering content to maintain quality.

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