HK&P mission statement is: “…to be high-quality niche consultants of choice, wherever our clients need us most…”

We are international consultants to the industry, data specialists as well as implementation experts.

Our main goal is to achieve quality delivery, through quality people.

Our clients are professional players in the financial and investment management industry; banks, pension funds, insurance companies and investment managers, but also asset service providers and (out)sourcing partners in all major financial and investment (fund) management markets.


Our vision is to be the consultant of choice for the (investment management) industry, recognized for our experienced quality people and quality delivery, trusted because of our core values, our intrinsic in-depth knowledge and skill set and our track-record of successful implementations and deliveries.

We want to service our clients wherever they need our industry consultants, data specialists or implementation experts most; hence we want to be where the major (fund) investment markets in the world are. We aim to become a relatively small yet high-quality local niche player, with a presence in all markets relevant to our clients.

Investment Management Services