When DHC International was created in 2011, the office location became Amsterdam, which it still is. Over the years the number of people working for DHC International grew from the 2 we started with till the 20+ professionals we are working with today. In 2017 we changed our strategy to a strategy of (sustainable) growth, as we identified opportunities from Brexit.

As we already had a good team of Irish people working with us, we decided to open our an office in Dublin first and then start looking for a Country Manager for Luxembourg, finalizing phase 1 of our strategy in 2018.

The next phases will take the next 5 years to unfold, growing to global coverage and about 75 – 100 people working for our clients from 16 locations worldwide.

Rationale for office locations To be where our clients need us most

Phase 1: Brexit opportunities
Opening Dublin and Luxembourg

Phase 2 and 3: 5-year strategic plan
Opening 15 new offices around the globe

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